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The Leader in Composite Privacy Fencing

That’s right, Trex wood composite fencing is now available at Centennial Fence Supply. We have stock on the ground ready and available for contractors, homeowners and large commercial projects. We can fulfill any size order with the same customer service that you’ve come to expect from Centennial Fence Supply.

New to the world of Trex Fencing? We will be soon be offering Trex University ™ to ensure contractors both large and small are knowledgeable in the installation of Trex Fencing. A certification will be issued to contractors who complete the training program put together by the experts at Trex Fencing FDS.

For architects, designers and general contractors we can help with any details, technical specifications, samples or any other information that you might need to seamlessly include Trex on your next project. Help from a professional is only a phone call or email away.

Trex Fencing is an easy to assemble composite fence made to solve the deficiencies in other popular materials: wood rots and deteriorates, iron rusts, vinyl is fragile. The fence is built with the decades tested popular composite materials that Trex uses in decking, and combined with wood with the end result being a durable fence unlike any other used in both residential and commercial projects.

Our panels are made up by individual pieces including interlocking pickets that enhance privacy by avoiding gaps between the pickets. You can easily customize the fences height and length to fit your needs. Trex Fencing also offers standard or custom gates, installation guides, YouTube tutorials in both English and Spanish, online shopping and price calculators. If you have any questions or need help figuring out the materials you’ll need, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help by phone or email.

We offer Seclusions with vertical pickets, and Horizons with horizontal fencing styles. Both styles are available in three colors: Woodland Brown, Winchester Grey and Saddle.

Seclusions and Horizons are available in three rich, natural colors!

Read more about colors here.

Trex Fencing in Colorado

Trex Fencing has been installed in the Front Range since 2007. For almost 15 years Trex Fencing has survived our unique climate with outstanding results. From our extreme exposure to UV rays to winter conditions producing severe negative temperatures and significant snowfall, Trex Fencing has proven itself to be a first-in-class fencing product for our region.

Choosing the Right Fence is Important. Choose Trex Fencing.

Making the right choice for fencing is important. If you’re considering a Trex Fence, you’re on your way to the right decision.

Wood fencing requires a lot of maintenance like repainting or replacing pieces or sections due to the ravages of the elements. PVC or Vinyl fencing don’t require the painting or staining maintenance of wood, but they break easily. Our products create the ultimate fence when it comes to providing the highest number of virtues and benefits.

Make the obvious choice and go with a durable Trex fence vs. other products. Trex Fencing is the number one composite fence and a favorite among households. Known for material that is heavy-duty, yet low maintenance, it’s no wonder why it is the winner of fences for backyards.

In addition to the many other virtues of our fencing, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 25-year warranty. You won’t get that with a fence made of other materials. Trex Fencing stands by its products because it’s confident in its ability to remain strong through the years.

A Trex Fence is Eco Friendly.

Trex Fencing gives you a fantastic-looking solution that’s going to last a long time, but the fence also promotes environmental responsibility. Our eco-friendly fence material is made of recycled wood and plastic. None of your Trex composite fencing products were involved with cutting down trees or creating new plastic products. It gets better, though. Our factories employee green manufacturing techniques and is a leader in corporate sustainability governance. For architects and general contractors, Trex decking and railing products contribute to LEED certifications on your commercial and residential projects.

The recycled wood component in a Trex Fence comes from reclaimed sawdust, while the plastic film is sourced from various sources including sandwich bags, newspaper sleeves, and grocery bags. You can rest easy at night knowing that you’re not only safe behind your fence, but you’re helping to rid the world of plastic waste because Trex is one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the U.S.

Trex Fence Maintenance.

One of the big benefits of Trex fencing is that it needs virtually no maintenance. It looks just like real wood but requires none of the upkeep.

When you have a real wood fence, you will to paint or seal it, usually every year, if you expect to keep it in good shape. Otherwise, water can penetrate the wood fence pickets and posts, causing rot to set in. Relentless sunshine can also dry out the wood, causing it to split.

Sealing a fence can be a day’s worth of work, depending on how long your fence is — and remember, you have to do both sides! Painting a fence is a truly agonizing chore — scraping, sanding and coating each picket.

When you get a Trex privacy fence, you never have to paint or stain it. In most circumstances, the only attention the fence might need is a periodic cleaning. Soapy water and a soft bristle brush will get rid of accumulated dirt and grime making your fence fresh again without having to re-treat it.

Other Advantages of Trex Fencing.

Another benefit of Trex fencing is that it is extremely strong and can withstand winds of over 100 mph.

Additionally, Trex fencing panels use a unique interlocking picket system so there are never any gaps in your fence. Properly installed, you maintain your privacy for the life of the fence.

Something our customers love about a Trex privacy fence is that it’s green — it’s made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. It brings us great satisfaction to make something beautiful and functional out of materials others were simply throwing away and we hope you agree!